Simple is the New Smart

“The G3 isn't only the best smartphone LG has manufactured, it very well
could be the best Android smartphone ever made.” - IGN
LG G3 - Quad HD Display

The Finest Visibility,
Quad HD Display

The LG G3's new 5.5" Quad HD display transforms the smartphone visual experience at 4 times the resolution of HD. Stunning graphics and life-like colors seem to jump off the screen, showing imagery in its finest detail and clarity at 538 pixels per inch.

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LG G3 - Laser Auto Focus

Advanced OIS+ Camera with Laser Auto Focus

Never miss a photo-op again! Capture the moment when it happens, even when the subject is moving or the lighting isn't optimal. You'll be able to take the photo faster due to the advanced Laser Auto Focus feature and streamlined camera UI.

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LG G3 - Knock Code

KNOCK Codethe Secure Simple and Fun Way to Unlock Your Phone

Gain quick, secure access to the home screen by tapping your personalized 3 to 8 point pattern anywhere on the display. There are 80,000+ possible code combinations.

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LG G3 - Smart Notice

Smart Notice, Before You Ask

The LG G3 is a device that constantly learns and adapts to your ever-changing needs and interests, providing personalized suggestions that makes life easier and more productive. With contextual analysis, it helps you get organized, stay on task, keep in touch with friends, and won't let you miss an important event!

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LG G3 - Smart Keyboard

Smart Keyboard

The LG G3's Smart Keyboard makes you into an efficient typist. It is easy to use and is customized to fit your needs, providing natural navigation and reliable word recognition, while allowing you to adjust keyboard height and settings.

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Quick Circle Case for LG G3

Quick CircleCase

Embrace new experiences with the LG Quick Circle™ Case. With the lighting circle window, gain quick and easy access to your messages, music, camera, calls, My Wellness and more.

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LG G3 Specs
5.5" Quad HD with 538 ppi
3,000 mAh Li-Polymer
Main: 13 MP OSI
Front: 2.1 MP HD
Knock Code – create a 3-8 point tapping pattern for superior security and direct access to the home screen
Smart Keyboard – customize position of the keyboard or keypad for convenient one-handed access
Android 4.4 (KitKat)
32 GB eMMC Memory*
5.28 oz.
WiFi®802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
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